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Access requirements

The requirements for accessing SPRCOnline are the following:

  1. Register your company with SPRC
    Companies should download and submit SPRCOnline's registration forms located under Forms and Processes tab.  

  2. Receive an SPRCOnline system induction session 
    Once SPRCOnline username and password have been asigned and approved, the user will receive an induction session to use the system. After receiving proper training, a unique, non-transferrable password will be provided to acces the system.

  3. Use Google Chrome Versión 53 
    SPRCOnline system is certified to run on Google Chrome Versión 53 . If other versions or other browsers are used, there is NO guarantee that the system will function correctly. 

  4. Have the SPRCOnline Digital Security Certificate
    Every computing equipment item used to access SPRCOnline, should have an up-to-date SPRCOnline Digital Security Certificate. To install security system, follow the instructions given in the following documents:


  5. Internet Explorer browser setup
    Google Chrome Versión 53 browser should be configured to allow pop-up windows. For information about system configuration, see : instructivo_permitir_ventanas_emergentes_de_sprconline_en_google_chrome.pdf