Caribbean port and logistics platform
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Services portfolio

Quality and efficiency in all its services, plus various possibilities to generate added value: this is how Port of Cartagena Organization provides Colombian importers and exporters, as well as all parties involved in the international trade chain, with competitiveness. Because it is a strategic connection center in America -due to its extraordinary location and its extensive netwok of connections-, the services it offers meet the port and logistics needs of shipping lines, cargo generators, logistics operators and cruise ships, all to the highest international standards.


Maritime services

The Organization provides the necessary maritime services for reliable, large-scale port operations.

Cargo services

Its extensive portfolio of efficient, safe and competitive cargo services is what has earned the port an important position in the international ports industry.

Logistics services

The Organization has expanded its sphere of action and nowadays has consolidated a position for itself as a global logistics platform.

Cruise ship services

Cartagena is a fast-developing tourist destination for Caribbean cruise ships, and the port guarantees that the experience will be a memorable one for shipping lines and visitors alike

In the event of special needs arising, Port of Cartagena Organization offers services aimed at designing tailor-made solutions for its customers. The Commercial Team is ready to listen to your needs and offer you a specialized service.