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Port and Logistics Training Center

High Performance School

Its highly-trained, competent team is one of the Port of Cartagena Organization’s great differentiating factors.

If the organization is to contribute proactively to the development of the region and the country, it has to maintain its leading position. Only exceptional people will achieve exceptional levels of efficiency, and the port knows that an essential part of this process is to adequately prepare every member of the local port and logistics industry value chain.

For this reason, the Port of Cartagena created the High Performance School, a port and logistics training center with academic programs structured around practical criteria, on the basis of accumulated experience and continued learning about the organization.

During the design process of the school, the organization partnered with the Dutch firm STC BV, a European leader in port and maritime training.

The High Performance School has five basic components:

  • RTG and ship-to-shore gantry crane simulator, for operating port equipment. 
  • Maintenance area laboratory. 
  • Port software simulation.
  • Emergency control training.
  • Warehouse and port logistics technical training.

Unique in Latin America

The crane simulator, a sophisticated teaching instrument, was manufactured in Västeras, Sweden, and it is the only one of its kind in Latin America. It is equipped with the necessary systems to virtually recreate a port operation with the biggest, most modern and most efficient cranes in the world’s maritime industry.