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Maritime port services

As a strategic connection center for shipping lines, the Port of Cartagena Organization offers a competitive portfolio of maritime port services. With two longitudinal piers at its terminals, it can receive five Super Post Panamax ships simultaneously.

It provides container loading and unloading services for both domestic cargo and international cargo in transit. It also handles general cargo and vehicles, as well as special and project cargo. The following are the specific services it provides:

  • Docking and undocking services
  • Drinking water and fuel supplies
  • Removal and treatment of bilge - trash - per operation
  • Wharfage for cargo vessels, cruise ships and smaller vessels
  • Mooring facilities for ships up to 16,000 TEUs

Additionally, the Port of Cartagena offers services tailor-designed for clients, in case they require any special service. The Commercial Team is ready to listen to your needs and offer you a specialized service in order to solve your inquiries.