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Swift processes 

Steps in the import process

You need to follow these instructions to import merchandise through the Port of Cartagena Organization. Here you will find guidelines that will help you understand the importing process, and the reference numbers of the forms you must complete. 

Every costumer, cargo owner and intermediary must be registered in the port’s database. Please read the Circular 5968 and the Attachment thereto.

Identify the cargo service number from the Port of Cartagena Organization’s website. Port Consultations.

Request the receipt of the cargo in the MUISCA system via SPRC Online.

When the cargo inventory has been transferred to the SYGA system, the Customs Agency generates the import declaration through the same system. 

Follow-up using SPRCOnline, MUISCA and SYGA in order to continue the nationalization process for your cargo. 

Check the  SPRC Online console to see whether the various national authorities (DIAN, antinarcotics and sanitary) have blocked anything. 

If an inspection order is generated by any authority or a requirement is issued for the cargo to be examined, you should request that it be moved from the container yard to the inspection zone. If you have any doubts, click here.

Get the authorities to unblock the cargo so you can remove it. 

Pay the terminal for the services provided. You will find details of all fees and payment processes by clicking here.

Deliver the documents to remove the cargo, and present the Form DR-FMT304. Attach the import declaration, BL Master release and BL Declared at the Document Reception Window.

Download the removal authorization through SPRC Online.

Basic steps you should follow as part of the import process at the SPRC