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Export process guide


You need to follow these instructions to export merchandise through the Port of Cartagena Organization. Here you will find guidelines that will help you understand the importing process, and the reference numbers of the forms you must complete. 

Every costumer, cargo owner, and intermediary must be registered in the company’s database. Please read the Circular 5968 and the following Attachment. 

Generate a cargo entry authorization on SPRCOnline, following procedure ‘USO-304-OL’.

Request an appointment to receive the cargo. For loose cargo, follow this information. For containerized cargo, follow this procedure.

Customers may follow-up via the following systems: SPRCOnline, MUISCA and VUCE, in order to check selectivity and find out whether the authorities (DIAN, antinarcotics and sanitary) might have blocked the shipment.

If an inspection order is generated by any authority or a requirement is issued for the cargo to be examined, you should request that it be moved from the container yard into the inspection zone. If you have any doubts, click here.

Get the authorities to unblock the cargo so you can ship it.

Pay the terminal for the services received. Go to Fees and Payment Processes under the Customer Service link.

Submit an application for the shipment to be documented. Click here.

Follow-up on the shipment via the SPRCOnline Shipment Authorization console.

Basic steps you should follow as part of the export process at the SPRC