Caribbean port and logistics platform
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Corporate values

In order to maintain the highest security, productivity, and traceability standards on the continent, the Port of Cartagena Organization concentrates on the following:

  • Customer focused
    Its success relies on the satisfaction of its customers.
  • Simple, agile processes 
    It responds promptly and flexibly to market requirements.
  • Visibility and transparency
    It builds trust through its open, clear behavior.
  • Highly comprehensive security standards
    Everyone works to prevent risks.
  • Continuous innovation in its services
    It constantly develops new services and new ways of doing things.
  • State-of-the-art technology
    It uses the latest and most effective technology.
  • Smart organization
    The port´s staff learn from everything and from everyone; they pass on knowledge to others and transform it so that the Organization can benefit as a whole.
  • Competent, honest personnel
    They strive every day to improve their performance and grow.