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Qualified personnel

The Port of Cartagena firmly believes in Colombian talent, and devotes time and effort to build the best team. This is why it can say, without hesitation, that its people are the main component of the company’s success.

The port searches for the best talent as part of its selection strategy. Some of the key components the organization looks for during the hiring process includes:

  • highly skilled people
  • individuals with clearly-defined objectives
  • capacity to continuously learn new concepts and skills
  • leadership qualities
  • people in search of growth opportunities
  • individuals who can generate value to the organization
  • socially aware individuals

Most importantly, the Port of Cartagena looks for people who are generally happy, highly motivated, and have dreams that drive them towards constant growth.

The selection process is centered around the philosophy that anyone can learn from every situation and from everyone around, and that everyone should pass on its knowledge to others in order to transform it. As a result, the process involves a comprehensive human being model that takes into account the person and his/her knowledge, skills and abilities that characterize him/her.

Once the new employee becomes part of the organization, a development plan is designed using the TOP model. This model aims to align the company’s strategy with the people’s performance and contributions, so they can have a positive impact on the organization’s results while adding value to all of the employees’ careers.

The TOP model enables a synergy between the Talent each person has for what he or she does, the Objectives of the organization, and their Passion. This creates benefits for the individual, the department where he or she works at, and the organization as a whole.

Overall, our people reflect wellbeing, adding balance and quality to their personal lives and to their families’, while achieving significant professional and personal growth.