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Competent people

Port of Cartagena Organization firmly believes in Colombian talent and devotes time and effort to building the best team. This is why it can say without hesitation that its people are the main component of the company’s success.

The port looks for the best talent as part of its selection strategy: people who are highly trained, have clearly-defined objectives in their lives, are capable of learning and have leadership qualities, who can see opportunities to grow and generate added value for the organization at all times and who are socially aware. But most importantly of all, people whom are happy, highly motivated, and have dreams that drive them on toward constant growth.

Selection is centered around the philosophy of learning from everything and from everyone, as well as passing knowledge on to others and transforming it, so that the organization can benefit: the selection of every member of staff is based, in other words, on a comprehensive human being model which takes into account the person and the knowledge, skills and abilities that characterize him or her.

Once they are part of the Organization, a development plan is designed at the company using the TOP model, the aim of which is to align company strategy with people’s performance and contribution so they can have a positive impact on business results and add value to the careers of all members of staff.

The TOP model enables synergy to be found between the Talent each person has for what he or she does, the Objectives of the organization, and Passion, and this creates benefits for the individual, the area where he or she works, and the whole Organization.

People thus reflect wellbeing, which will be clear in their quality of life and that of their family, at the same time as they achieve significant professional and personal growth.