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Cartagena de Indias

With its impressive fortifications, its cobbled streets and the colorful frontages of its buildings, Cartagena de Indias takes visitors back to the 16th century to the colonial era, when the city was the Spanish crown’s principal port and primary target for regular attacks by English pirates and French buccaneers.

The present-day entrance to the bay gives a magnificent impression of those far-off times. The San José and San Fernando forts rise up impressively and welcome tourists who arrive in cruise ships from the Caribbean: a mouth-watering appetizer for what they will encounter in the city.

Cartagena, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has become a sought-after tourist destination in the Caribbean and Latin America. This has been reflected in well-known international newspapers like The Wall Street JournalForbes Life and The New York Times. Many visitors consider it to be one of the most beautiful and most fascinating cities in the world.  


“The Caribbean has been one of our customers’ favorite destinations for years, and it is still delighting families of all ages. Cartagena has been one of our emerging destinations, and offers our customers a unique cultural experience with its cobbled streets, its historic architecture and its colorful markets”.

Larry Stauffer, Manager of Port Adventures Entertainment and Disney Cruise Line

 “A trip to Cartagena is the latest antidote to repetitive Caribbean vacations: ‘been there, done that".

The Wall Street Journal