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Cargo services

The Port of Cartagena Organization specializes in container cargo on both of its terminals (SPRC and Contecar). It is currently capable of handling 4 million TEUs per year, and its investments will allow it to reach 5.2 million by the time its expansion program is completed.

Its excellent infrastructure and wide range of services also allows the port to include in its services the handling of perishables, dangerous merchandise, automobiles, loose and oversized cargo. Due to its constant strive to keep itself at the forefront of the world trade, the Port of Cartagena has always been ready to take onboard new trends and to meet the needs that arise from them.

Overall, the services provided by the port involves the following:

As a complement to its port activities, and to increase exporter and importer competitiveness, the port provides services that add value to its cargo, including the following: 

  • stuffing and stripping containers
  • packing, repacking and labeling the cargo
  • palletizing
  • security inspections
  • stamping
  • serial number verification
  • measuring fluids in vehicles

These services aim to improve the local and national economy.

Additionally, the Port of Cartagena offers services tailor-designed for clients, in case they require any special service. The Commercial Team is ready to listen to your needs and offer you a specialized service in order to solve your inquiries.