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Bay of Cartagena

Cartagena´s Bay has been the commercial gateway to America for almost 500 years. During the colonial era, the Spaniards considered this bay to be the perfect spot to establish their principal port, due to its strategic location and its exceptional natural conditions. During this period of time, a constant flow of merchandise would usually pass through the bay, all the way from South America to the Caribbean and Europe.

Today, these same characteristics represent enormous comparative advantages for maritime operations, and enable the bay to continue to play a vital role in the global trade:

  • The port is situated in the Greater Caribbean, one of the biggest maritime highways in the world.
  • It is located about 265 nautical miles from the Panama Canal.
  • It is a wide (8,200 hectares in area), deep (21 meters), natural bay that is also extremely safe (hurricane-free, no strong currents).
  • The tidal variation is less than 40 centimeters.

A caribbean port and logistics platform

The Port of Cartagena, convinced of the bay’s benefits, has made this place its home. This strategic point in the Caribbean hosts one of the most important port and logistics platforms on the continent, as well as Colombia’s main export customs facility.

With the organization´s main goal in mind, of contributing to the development of the country, the Port of Cartagena has given a major boost to industrial development in the area over the last fifteen years. There are currently more than 50 companies and industries based around the bay, and these have formed an economic cluster that is important for both the Caribbean and the country.