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Automobile cargo services

The port services provided by the organization at its sea terminals include processes associated with automobile cargo, including vehicle export, import and international transit processes. Because of its connectivity, strategic location and efficiency, it acts as a logistic hub for Ro-Ro lines. The services provided by the organization include a comprehensive vehicle handling operation, such as:

  • Vehicle reception and delivery
  • Portage and washing
  • Recording serial numbers, gases and measuring fluids
  • Vehicle storage for up to one year
  • Nationalization of the vehicle, if required
  • Reception and delivery of self-propelling machinery
  • Docking and undocking of vehicles
  • Minor repairs or modifications
  • Preparation for distribution to the principal concessionaires in the country
  • Preparation for re-export
  • Driver control
  • Dispatch of reports with stock


The Port of Cartagena provides service 24/7, 365 days a year. Both terminals have an ideal physical infrastructure for automobile cargo handling, including: 

  • Over 100,000 square meters of fully paved area.
  • It is suitable for vehicles, vans, armor-plated vehicles, trucks, machines and caterpillars. 
  • Digital Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) monitoring. 
  • Simultaneous loading and unloading on land of up to 30 vehicle-transporters.
  • Proper management of rainwater over entire paved area, thereby preventing any type of flooding.

Logistical advantages

It uses a specialized vehicle inventory and operation management system, which guarantees:

  • Sea and dispatch operation monitoring.
  • Efficient inventory management without the need to leave the sea terminals.
  • Traceability of each unit.
  • Control of all value-added services.

Additionally, the Port of Cartagena offers services tailor-designed for clients, in case they require any special service. The Commercial Team is ready to listen to your needs and offer you a specialized service in order to solve your inquiries.