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Our People

This term refers to every single member of the Port of Cartagena´s staff, all of whom are building a company that is becoming more competitive by the day. Its constant growth is the result of combining talent, knowledge, and passion, which creates a  special synergy that reflects on the company’s current results. The port knows that its people resembles the heart of the company, and they are the reason why this company stands out; the organization´s personnel are the true stars of its story and the driving force behind the port´s development.

Due to the importance of its people, the Port of Cartagena constantly recreates programs that foster the overall growth of all members of its team. This strategy, which is part of the Training and Development Plan, reinforces a ‘work culture’.

This plan consists of different training paths that cover new processes, systems and equipment, the High Performance School, international training and organizational culture. This training topics are backed by an individual plan of action and career development, together with personal and family growth.

As part of its sustainability and competitiveness philosophy, it builds on knowledge development, shared throughout the company. Hence, the Port of Cartagena has strategically implemented tools to strengthen its leading position, and to ensure that it continues to be a differentiating player in a sector that is in a state of constant transformation. Such is its commitment, that the High Performance School was established as a route towards achieving the technical and human development the sector demands. The local Education Secretariat authorizes this school as a work and human development center.

Happy port

Happiness is a total experience, one that is full of joy and meaning. The Port of Cartagena knows that nobody can give what one doesn’t have, and this is why it focuses on developing and encouraging happiness in each and every one of its staff and teams.

The organization has been working towards building a ‘Happy Company’ (a concept that has been in progress since 2013) with the use of annual programs such as: ‘Happiness Stars’ (2013), ‘The Magic of Happiness’ (2014) and ‘I Irradiate Happiness’ (2015, 2016, 2017 y 2018) – which encouraged reflection through simple activities, focused on their own meaning of happiness. Having an open mind, enjoying simple things, expressing gratitude, and putting into practice behaviors that lead to a harmonious, motivating team, are but some of the goals of this corporate culture that invites people to enjoy themselves and live as happy human beings.